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Our Goal.


Nudge designs, based on the recent findings of cognitive psychology, rescue the decision making processes from the pressure of System I and allow them to be directed towards useful preferences of System II.
Analysis of the current situation of human brain shows that it has a predictable tendency for wrong decision-making. Nudge-based behavioral models facilitate data-focused correct and useful decision making while getting rid of prejudices and short-cuts. Individuals in behavior changing designs have the freedom of choice for their behaviors, without getting lost and tired in the complexity of system II, which will serve them for long term goals. Nudge Network (NN) team defines behavior, use, and design as follows:
Behavior: Reactions, attitudes and actions against an internal or external stimulus. Cognitive processes behind visible actions are very important.
Use: It is the benefit from true, correct, preferred and tried one.
Design: It is the frame that leads individual to the correct and useful behavior. It is formed by cooperation of disciplines that want the difference to be seen.

Our Approach.


Nudge Network Team handles behavioral designs within the framework of Nudge Theory by Richard Thaler and Carl Sunstein. The dual structure of thinking system which was put forth by Tversky, Kahnemann and other academicians offers the opportunity for recognizing decision biases and exemplifies. Taking the extraordinary abilities of system-I into account, it prepares a cyclical working environment in which they are used as the strategies of system II. A subject which is scientifically data based and supported with up-to-date resources is selected as a dependent variable and then independent variables are specified. Then for a nudge design those variables are studied systematically.
Workshops with related stakeholders are conducted in cooperation with responsible people from organizations, expert psychologists, designers, architects and field responsible people. These workshops that are intended for adoption and proliferation of useful behaviors by specified action plans put new design nudges into operation.

About Us.



Nudge Network is founded under the leadership of Zuhal Baltaş for the purpose of developing designs decreasing decision making errors in order to provide behavioral changes at the individual, corporate and social levels. .


NN Team: Consists of academicians and professionals from Behavioral Sciences, Design and Architecture fields. .




Special project teams: formed with the participation of people who adopt a sustainable world and people-oriented work.

Nudge Workshops.



Our Trainings.



Our Behavioral Politics.


Nudge Network (NN) workshops focus on individual corporate and global problems that need solutions and regulation of individual, corporate and social behavior to solve these problems.
Behavioral politics not only offers a scientific, data-based academic perspective regarding why some social concerns are important but also makes concrete recommendations for translating rational clozes to applicable models. In this context, it would be valuable to show the whole picture to the individual, society and decision makers while triggering a sense of urgency besides making a rational and convenient road map for beneficial and appropriate behaviors.*
Steps in behavioral policy formation process can be summarized as follows:
01. Specifying the local and global reflections of problems
Drawing the borderlines in problematic areas and searching for comparative data.
02. Sharing the findings and related implications
Stating the distance between real behavior and the appropriate behavior according to objective measures through data analysis.
03. Developing Action Plan(s) that Form Solutions
Listing the suggestions for positive behavior change, their potential results, strong and weak points, and specifying action plan(s) based on applicable behavioral designs.
* You may check the source below for further information about the aim and scope of behavioral politics.
Stanford Law School’s Tips for Writing Policy Papers [Internet] Access:

Network Partners.


Our Nudge Network partners are corporations, foundations, NGO’s and other organizations.
We cooperate with all types of organizations to develop nudge designs for individual, social and universal benefit.
In the globalized environments, the societies have difficulties in coping with economic, social and environmental problems, and their costs are multiplied by time. Our work aims for a more livable World for humanity that is also presented in 2030 UN Sustainability Goals. .
That plan will provide sustainability through protecting and developing resources, support peace, increase wealth and realize the potential. Not only the governments but also we as individuals and stakeholders in society are all responsible for enriching our resources by protecting them.



2030 Sustainable Development Plans
Translation: Handan Odaman Uşaklıgil
Transforming our World: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 

Choice Architecture
Richard H. Thaler, Cass R. Sunstein, John P. Balz

Decisions Pay the Penalty for Irrational Emotions
Prof. Dr. Acar Baltaş 




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